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                            June 2008


Have you ever truly been in charge of your own health? If you are like me, you often find yourself making decisions affecting your bodily health without researching or even thinking. We simply file into the doctor’s office like a herd of cows awaiting the next diagnosis and packet of pills. Have you ever thought about getting off the ride?

In the year 2000, I did decide to jump off the
medical roller coaster. In my experience this only happens when one has literally tried everything known to medical science only to end back up at square one. Riddled with spinal pain and severe cystic acne, I was told there was no cure and then promptly handed a pile of prescriptions.

I felt as if I would spend the rest of my life shooting the rats around the trash, but never figuring out a way to simply take the garbage out. And then it happened…

A car accident brought me to my knees and I was forced to look into alternative methods of healing. This one small look turned into a full-blown career. I was fascinated with the human body and within one year, I was healed of all my ailments. Many of you are asking, “How? How?” And the rest of you are hoping the answer is an easy fix that does not comprise of serious work or pattern changes. Well, the miracle answer is prayer, hard work, hot yoga or infared saunas, complete diet change, major mental perception changes and journaling. What I discovered about my body, mind and spirit was unreal to me. I had literally been making all of my choices concerning these areas of my health based upon marketing ploys and basic “government” recommendations. If they say milk does my body good, then shouldn’t it be true? Aren’t I supposed to run to the pharmacy or doctor’s office at the first sign of an ailment? It had never occurred to me to use my God-given, brilliant mind to research proven methods of healing. Does any of this sound familiar?

Even just 6 years ago, organic food and juicing was not very popular. I remember a friend suggesting my mother juice beets in order to relieve my cystic acne. We were living in the mission field in Mexico and were clueless when it came to the holistic approach to healing. So, my mother heated up a pile of beets on the stove and had me drink the juice left over in the pan. We had never heard of a juicer. Wheat grass? What is that?

We also began to discover the chemicals in our environment, which were literally making us ill. A simple shampoo or soap can bog down the body with harmful ingredients foreign to the temple God designed for us. You mean to tell us that food sitting on a shelf in a plastic bag is not good for our temples? Plastic is toxic? Then why is it everywhere?! What do you mean artificial foods and flavorings are not good for us? Then why are they on every shelf in the store?

I also discovered the healing power of essential oils and began to laugh at myself as I re-read my Bible. Every time it was suggested to anoint the sick with oils or when the women anointed the males’ feet, I now view these passages with new eyes. Anoint your head with oil and keep it covered. You mean they weren’t speaking of olive oil? Frankincense and myrrh have healing properties and there is actually a logical reason why they were brought to babies as a gift upon birth? The Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon are essential oils? Wow. The advice in this book written thousands of years ago is brilliant! Why had I never noticed it before? Answer: My mind needed a complete change of perception.

Enter: Miracle Soap and its products.

Hello! My name is Sarah Ulmer. I am now an author, speaker, Wellness Coach and spiritual teacher and am pleased to introduce myself to the faithful users of the Miracle products. I will be guiding you on a journey of health as we discuss these questions over the next months and I hope you will receive the benefits on a practical level. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge so you too will be able to take charge of your own well-being. The mind, body, spirit and heart must all operate in harmony for true healing to occur. Each upcoming newsletter will educate you with one of these topics in a fun, simple format.

I look forward to hearing feedback and will also post some throughout our series. I am honored to bring success stories to your email box. I promise you we will educate you in “taking out the trash” in your own body. Those pesky “symptom rats” will disappear like magic once you take control. Ever notice how modern medicine offers a quick fix to your symptoms but rarely a permanent cure? All of these answers and more will be waiting in your little box every couple of weeks and I hope you will pick up the tools you’ll need to


Be Whole,
Sarah Ulmer

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