Healthy Connections Newsletter! by: Sarah Ulmer

Spring Cleaning

Just a few tips to keep your house and body sparkling clean.
  1. Grab an 8 oz spray bottle from your local ‘dollar store’. Put ½ oz of Miracle II Soap and ½ oz of Miracle Neutralizer then fill the rest with water. Keep on hand for cleaning windowpanes and blinds, baseboards, windows, mirrors, dusting, etc. Time to clean all those hard to reach spots that have been neglected. Even dirt under a refrigerator is an energy drain in the home.
  2. Fill the sink with warm water. Sprinkle solar sea salts into the water as it is running. Use the bottle from Tip #1 and spray 3 times into the filling sink. Once it is still, add 4 drops of Cleanse Pure Essential Oil. Mop the home.
  3. Place 4 drops of Cleanse Pure or Lavender Essential Oils directly on a brand new air filter for the A/C unit. Always remember to change the filter regularly. Grab that spray bottle and clean the utility closet. Even get under that water heater.
  4. For soaking veggies and fruits: Fill sink with cool water. Sprinkle solar sea salts into the water as it is running. Use the bottle from Tip #1 and spray 3 times into the filling sink. Once it is still, add 4 drops of Protection Essential Oil. Add veggies and fruits and soak for 20 min. Lay on towels on the counter to dry completely before putting into fridge.
  5. Put on music while cleaning. Everything that is done on earth is to be done in JOY. On earth as it IS heaven.
  6. Dance.
  7. Sing.
  8. Laugh.
  9. Right thinking creates abundant Life. Practice this concept: We are not here on this earth to gain Joy, Peace & Love FROM the material form around us. We are not here to suck the marrow out of the outer life in order to find our Joy, Peace & Love. If we attempt to do this, we will find ourselves on an endless cycle of full/ empty/ craving/ seeking/ full yet again, etc. The Truth is quite the opposite. We are here to BE Joy Itself, from within. We are here to BE Love Itself, from within. We are here to BE Peace Itself, from within. These are the Living Waters and Bread of Life. LITERALLY. If one IS Joy, Peace & Love then one is able to breathe life into the material form. The material is dead until Life is breathed into it. Life = Joy + Love + Peace. It is a formula or recipe if you will. And this is now proven scientifically. Each emotion creates a molecule in the body! (for further reading: Candace Pert, PhD “Molecules of Emotion”) For example: When I dance, I do not seek Joy from the dance itself. Instead I breathe Life INTO the dance by sending the Joy that I am into that dance. I want nothing from the dance. I gain nothing from the dance. I simply give Life to the dance and animate it. We can do the same with the entire material world. If one Masters this concept, one IS Life Itself. Eternal, abundant and never ending. The cycle of full/empty/ craving/seeking is ended! Death is overcome, LITERALLY. One IS Truth Itself. One with the Creator. This is the actual meaning of creation. Practice it. When we mop, when we clean, when we ride in our cars, BREATHE LIFE into those material forms and see how your body/mind/soul begin to unify.
  10.  Don’t forget the car and garage. Keep them clean as one would keep the body. A clean house/car is a reflection of our own temples/vehicles. Inside and out. A dusty car reflects a dusty mind. A house with clutter reflects a cluttered and clogged body. Be one with all things around you. After all, they are a projection of YOU.
  11. Same concept with food. We are what we eat.
  12. Clean the front door. Repaint if necessary. Freshen up the mailbox with a fresh coat while you are at it. Place a few potted plants/flowers near the entryway. Place fresh flowers in the home. Plastic and silk flowers gather dust and give a feeling of clutter. Talk to your plants. Send them Joy and Love. Breathe Peace into their system. They work constantly on this earth to clean the air from our toxins and could use a few humans sending them a bit of gratitude instead. How often do we thank the plants/trees for their incredible work? I think they deserve it, don’t you? Treat this earth as if it were heaven. Who knows, if we do, it might actually become what we believe it to be. =)
Until the next time I visit your inbox, go ye therefore and refresh your home, car, body, mind, soul, heart and life. After all, they are One working unit and are a reflection if you are TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR OWN WELL BEING!


Be Whole,
  Sarah Ulmer

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