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The Many Benefits of a Miracle II Detox bath

by Deborah Devar

Miraclesoap.com is frequently asked how to get the best results from our soaps. We introduced you to Deborah Devar in our December issue. This is one health and beauty expert who lives and breathes what she knows and trust us, she knows much! Read her fantastic protocol for a health promoting Miracle II Detox Bath!

The comprehensive detox quide for bathing.

There are many healing modalities available today. For some, it will be best to seek out a professional who is skilled in holistic health. However, it is possible to learn for oneself and teach others. Besides teaching students that are taking my courses for their certification, I also teach my clients to make their own products from raw materials. I offer training courses where they can learn how to apply many treatments in the privacy of their own home. The goal is that they take care of themselves and their families often.

Regardless of the means of application, all the holistic modalities will work faster as your body cleanses itself of physical and emotional toxins. Physical healing treatments of any type will have short lived results if the body is not healing on a cellular level.

Relieving aches and pains, along with emotional balancing, will be short lived without shifting from eating dead food full of chemicals and breaking the deep rooted emotional pattern loops.

Day spa treatments are a wonderful way to pamper oneself while supporting the body’s cleansing and filtration systems. Whenever you enter into an altered state of mind, emotional and physical toxic residues are released. The key to success is to practice the hydro therapy treatments with consistency while detoxifying. Often, clients come into the spa expecting one miracle facial to reverse all signs of aging, or that one detox body wrap will reduce all the unwanted inches and smooth out the bumpy, lumpy cellulite.

The majority of us are poisoning ourselves most of the time. We are all going to die and leave this body behind, but we don’t make the choices as if we know this is our truth. If we could make a difference in the quality of life (energy and no pain) and delay death 10-30 years, wouldn’t we make different choices at least 80% of the time? Most of us make the correct decisions only 20% of the time. This formula should be the opposite. Eighty percent of the time, we should do everything right in order for our body to heal. Once all symptoms are gone and we are strong, full of energy and free of pain, then we can poison ourselves twenty percent of the time and enjoy doing it. Perhaps you are in what I would refer to as a physical crisis; you are battling some sort of chronic illness, pain, skin disorder, or storing excess gel balls in your tissue. If this is the case, 100% of your focus is required for a period of three months to one year until you are out of this crisis. You can then move to the 80/20 formula.

The following day spa treatments will instantly:
1) Induce an altered state of mind which can help you relax, reduce stress and emotional patterns and rejuvenate on all levels.
2) Assist the body’s natural ability to heal by the elimination of toxins through the skin and breath, while increasing circulation, dissolving knots, blocks and congestion in the lungs and muscles as the filtration organs and systems of the body are stimulated and strengthened.


This detoxification medicine aids in the elimination of poisons and toxins in the body and mind. Hydro therapies will assist the body and mind cleansing process. This includes step-by-step instruction for bodywork techniques you can do in order to accelerate and enhance your detox program to minimize headaches, muscle aches and other side effects. Eat perfectly and drink plenty of purified water during your program.

The following detox bath incorporates many modalities at one time. Although this is my favorite procedure, I have listed all the modalities from which I have derived this procedure. Read through these so that you may understand the why behind the use processes such as skin brushing, essential oils and so on.


This product combines the value of skin brushing, essential oils, heat, water, Miracle II soap, Miracle Neutralizer, massage, prayer, meditation, visualization, Miracle II Gel and more essential oils. “This is truly a miracle healing bath and I have used this treatment to rid the body and mind of toxic poisons while feeding the blood nutrients.

Fill a tub with very warm water, adding 1 oz. Miracle II soap and 1 oz. Miracle II liquid Neutralizer. While the tub is filling, take the time to thoroughly skin brush your entire body. Apply the essential oil detox blend consisting of: juniper, cypress, fennel, orange and celery seed pure essential oils to your trouble spots and slide into the tub. Massage feet, using reflexology that applies to kidneys, liver, all the filtration systems. Begin deep breathing. Breathe in a deep breath to the count of 10, hold 2 counts and exhale completely contracting your abdomen, then draw another deep breath and repeat. Begin massage at the ankles using feather strokes first, then upward finger pulls along the entire leg and buttocks. After 10 minutes of massage, relax and sink down into the tub. Define and visualize the desired results of your healing. Spend this time with God in prayer and listen for your purpose. Ask for guidance to achieve your healing and for knowledge regarding how you can serve God once you are healed. The bath must take 20-40 minutes. When you are finished, air dry or dry off with a towel that has been washed in Miracle II soap only. Squirt Miracle II Gel in the palm of your hand and add 4 drops of the detox essential oil blend. Rub together and apply to your trouble spots. Allow this to dry and apply a massage oil or Miracle II Moisture Lotion containing the detox oils all over your body. This is a mixture of 20 drops to 2oz. of carrier.

This provides insurance that the toxins can easily eliminate through the skin and that the essential oils will effortlessly penetrate into the skin. Skin brushing is a quick and simple solution for a sluggish circulatory and lymphatic system because it brings the blood up to the skin’s surface, thus increasing the delivery speed of the essential oils to the cells.

* removes horny layer of dead flaky skin
* increases blood flow to the skin’s surface
* enhances the nourishment of the skin by bringing the blood to the skin’s    surface
* eliminates bacteria that collects on the outer horny layer
* speeds up skin renewal
* supports and improves healing

* Use a natural bristle brush.
* Skin brush your skin while dry, before your shower or bath.
* Brush your skin towards your heart using elongated upward motions.
* Brush for two to three minutes.
* Start with your feet and ankles, then work your way up your body to your    calves and thighs.
* Give special attention to the lymphatic areas located at the inner thighs,    under the arms and behind the knees.
* This process stimulates lymphatic flow. Brush your entire body and be gentle    with the breasts and face.
* Follow the skin brushing with a detox bath, body wrap, or massage.

Many cultures have used overheating or hyperthermia as a healing technique for centuries. Slightly raising the body temperature creates a natural defense which stimulates the healing force of the immune system which rids the body of harmful pathogens by literally burning out invading organisms. When exposed to heat, blood vessels in the skin dilate in order to allow more blood to flow to the surface, thus activating sweat glands and bringing the sweat, or fluid, to the skin’s surface. When the sweat evaporates from the skin, it draws both heat and toxins from the body. The body’s built-in cooling system is a natural detoxification. An overheating bath is the easiest form of heat therapy to practice in the home. Steam or hot water are most common forms of heat treatments.

Take your bath at least two hours after eating. Empty your bladder and colon if possible. Use a thermometer to accurately measure your bath water. Totally immerse yourself except for your ears, nose, eyes and mouth. Start with skin temperature. After 15 minutes, raise the temperature to 100 degrees. After fifteen minutes, raise it to 103 degrees. The heat in the body is unable to escape if you are totally covered in water. The body’s temperature will rise to match the water, creating a slight fever. Bath therapies are most beneficial with a 45 minute treatment. If you have any discomfort, sit up in the tub for five minutes. Gentle massaging and deep breathing exercises during the bath stimulates circulation and brings clean blood to the surface of the skin.

Essential oils are hydrophobic; they fear water. When using them with water, you are actually chasing them into the fatty tissue of your skin. The essential oils are attracted into the lipid bi-layer of each and every cell. For the purpose of purifying your body’s systems, use hot clean bath water. Directly add 7 to 8 drops of the essential oils into the very warm bath after it is filled. You will see the oils remain in droplets on the top of the water waiting for your skin. Gentle massaging during the bath stimulates circulation, helping to distribute the oils throughout the bloodstream quickly. Once in the bloodstream, these oils carry nutrients into each and every cell while ejecting the toxins and poisons. When adding the essential oils directly to the bath, be careful not to have the bath water too hot. Check the symptom guide for specific oil choices. USE SPECIAL CAUTION WITH LEMON. Essential oils that I found work best for detox in a bath are: cypress to increase circulation, juniper to rebuild tissue, fennel to expel toxins, orange to dissolve fatty deposits and elevate emotions to happiness, grapefruit to increase perspiration, celery seed to draw out toxins and myrtle to balance your metabolism. These essential oils can be applied directly to your trouble spots after skin brushing.

Dead sea salts are loaded with minerals. The nutrients from the dead sea salts pass through the skin’s pores which are opened by the hot water. Dead sea salt nutrients feed the starved tissue and pull out toxins through the skin. First add dead sea salts in the water flow. Once the bath is full, add the drops of essential oils. Skin brush prior to slipping into the bath and apply essential oils for best results. Soak for at least 20-40 minutes.

Just as the seaweeds purify the ocean they will do the same for your body. Sea greens balance the body’s chemistry. The electromagnetic action of the seaweed releases excess body fluids as it dissolves fatty wastes through the skin. Seaweed contains 10 to 20 times the minerals of land plants such as potassium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium and iron. Seaweeds are a great source of vitamins, especially A, C, E and B complex. Additionally, seaweed also contains ergosterol. This substance is then converted into vitamin D within the body. Seaweeds are a complete protein source and contain up to 38% protein. You can gather these fresh from the ocean or buy dried seaweeds from the health stores. Run a very hot bath allowing the water to run over the seaweed. The leaves of the seaweed will turn bright green and the bath water will turn brown as the sea plants release their nutrients. Essential oils can be added when the bath has cooled enough to slip into. The gel from the seaweed and the essential oils will transfer onto your skin. This gel coating increases perspiration to release toxins and replaces them with nutrients by osmosis. Rub your skin with the seaweed during the bath for the benefits of a massage. When the gel slips off the skin and the leaves shrivel, the bath is complete. The approximate soaking time is 40 minutes. Sea vegetables supply all the minerals needed for human health, including the most significant.

1. Agar- This gelling agent derived from red seaweed is used mainly to thicken juices with fruit, pudding, pie fillings, and vegetable aspics. This is the vegetarian alternative to animal-derived, chemical-based gelatins. It has no taste or color and is available in flake or powder form.
2. Arame- A dark-brown, spaghetti-like sea vegetable with a mild, sweet taste is a delicious side dish sautéed alone or combined with land vegetables such as yams and green onions. This is an excellent ingredient to use in a stir-fry or salad. You may also choose to mix it with rice, fresh chopped veggies, or a vinaigrette for an exotic salad. Soak arame for 5 minutes then simmer for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.
3. Dulse- Simply rinse this vegetable and add it to desired foods. It has a mild flavor and is a good choice for first-time sea vegetable eaters. High in protein, iron, vitamin A, iodine and phosphorus, this vegetable is delicious with potato and corn dishes. Dulse does not require cooking. Try a DLT (dulse, lettuce and tomato) sandwich. This item is also great in soups.
4. Hiziki- This can be added to noodle dishes or a stir fry with tofu, carrots and onions. The most mineral rich of all sea vegetables, hiziki is high in calcium and protein. Season with roasted sesame oil, cider vinegar and tamari. This vegetable has a strong taste. Combine with cooked onions, carrots, celery, sunflower seeds and tamari for a cold salad. Rinse, soak 20 minutes and rinse again. Simmer 30 minutes to 1 hour. This will expand to over 4 times its original volume when soaked.
5. Kelp- Use this as a salt substitute or condiment. Usually kelp comes in powdered form. High in calcium and iodine, kelp is a natural tenderizer and flavor enhancer. This vegetable has a slightly sweet flavor. Like kombu, it can be added to beans and stews. For a unique salad dressing, combine and blend 1 Tbsp. with avocado, tomato, lemon juice, minced garlic and 1/4 cup broccoli.
6. Kombu- This grows abundantly in cold ocean waters from Maine to Japan. The most frequently used seaweed, kombu is especially delicious and beneficial when cooked with beans. For slow-cooking soups or stews, add a 4-6 inch strip. When tender, remove, chop up and return to dish. For short-cooking dishes, soak kombu 20 minutes before adding.
7. Silky Sea Palm- Rich in calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium and iron, silky sea palm can be added to simmering soups, stews, rice or bean dishes.
8. Wakame- Sweet-flavored and tender, this vegetable is commonly added to miso soup. To make a wakame salad, bring 1 to 2 oz. soaked wakame to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Drain, chop and let cool. Toss wakame in 1 tsp. rice or cider vinegar and 1 tsp. shoyu. Add 1 cucumber cut in thin half slices and 4 sliced radishes. Garnish with sliced scallions. Soak 5 minutes before using. This cooks in 5-10 minutes. Remove tough center rib with knife after soaking.

Herbs are yet another rich food source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Your skin will absorb these soaks directly into your blood. You can steep 1 ½ gallons of strong tea to add to your bath or make a muslin tea bag to place into your running bath water. The tea bag can double as a scrubber for removing the dead skin and increasing circulation. Use any combination of herbs, seaweed, dead sea salt and essential oils.
1. Milk Thistle - This tonic helps to detoxify the liver. There is a whole herb extract that you can use regularly for a gentle cleansing; 10-15 drops under the tongue daily for one to three months. The helpful constituent is silymarin; this protects liver cells by actually preventing toxic substances from entering cell membranes.
2. Burdock Root – This actually absorbs and binds to poisons and chemical residues within the body and helps eliminate them through the large intestine. This herb also helps remove wastes through the skin, kidneys and mucous membranes.
3. Goldenseal – Secretion of bile is stimulated in order to improve liver health for natural detoxification. It also destroys toxins and is a natural antibiotic useful for infections of all kinds.
4. Red Clover Blossom – While purifying the blood and stimulating the liver and gallbladder to eliminate toxins from the body, red clover blossom helps with chronic skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema when they result from body toxicity.
5. Pau d’arco – This is a blood cleanser that inhibits virus replication within the body.
6. Nettles - A powerful, high chlorophyll blood cleanser, this drives waste from the body by stimulating the kidneys to secrete more water.

Pour one cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide into your bath. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Oxygen baths are stimulating rather then relaxing. Another option is to add ½ cup of 35% food grade H2O2, 1 cup dead sea salts, ½ cup baking soda to the bath.


Baking soda balances an overly acidic system leaving you refreshed and invigorated with extra soft skin. Fill the bath with enough hot water to cover when you recline. Add 8 ounces of baking soda and swirl to dissolve. Soak for 30 minutes. When finished, wrap up into a big towel and lay down for at least 15 minutes to aid in overcoming any weak or dizzy spells caused by the quick release of toxins and heat.


Body wraps work very much like the bath treatments. However, the nutrient solution is more concentrated. In day spas, linen wraps are used to hold the concentrated nutrient solution in place while the skin has time to absorb it. Doing this procedure at home is messy and labor intensive, but well worth the effort. The in home wrap costs about $6.00 each, while the day spa equivalents begin at $45.00. Some day spas are even charging as much as $85.00 per wrap.
Items you will need:
1) electric water pot to heat your tea water
2) 8-12 white salon towels from the beauty supply store
3) a dish tub or crock pot
4) an egg crate foam mat
5) a plastic fitted sheet
6) Ingredients for a detox tea can include, but are not limited to the following: Essential oils of cypress, juniper, fennel, orange, grapefruit, celery seed and myrtle. Herbs of milk thistle, burdock root, red clover, dandelion leaf and alfalfa, seaweeds, dead sea salts, 1 ounce of Miracle II soap, plus 1 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer. You can forgo the dead sea salts and seaweeds when adding Miracle II products.
7) bentonite clay (cellulite treatment)
8) long pillow for under your knees

First heat up your room, lay the egg crate foam mat on a twin size bed and cover it with the plastic fitted sheet. Slip the long pillow underneath the plastic sheet right where your knees will be. While you are heating your water, make your tea bag. I use two large strainers equal in size, approximately 3 inches across. I recommend using strainers with handles. Place all of your ingredients into one strainer, secure the other one over the top and secure them together with twist ties or tiny rubber bands. Place your tea bag in the dish tub or crock pot and pour 2-4 pots of boiling water over the tea bag. Allow this to steep for 10 minutes. Use this time to give yourself a thorough skin brushing treatment. Take out the tea bag and add the essential oil blend to the tea or apply directly onto trouble spots. Sit in the middle of the foam pad right on top of the plastic sheet and set the dish tub between your feet so it is easily accessible. Add the towels and allow them to soak up the nutrient solution. Slightly wring out the towels and apply them to your skin. When you are covered with the tea soaked towels, lay back with a bath towel underneath your head and shoulders so the solution will not roll up too far and make a mess. Next, grasp the sides of the fitted sheet and pull it snugly around yourself, trapping the solution and the heat. Go to sleep. I usually wake up out of a very deep sleep in two hours or less. The solution requires about 20-40 minutes to soak in. The egg crate foam mat will sink in the middle, keeping the solution intact. Soak this up with the towels while you begin to air dry. While you are still moist, apply the Miracle II gel with a few more drops of essential oils, or the bentonite clay to the damaged tissue areas. The gel can simply remain on the skin. Bentonite clay, however, must completely dry and then be removed with a moist towel. Do not take a shower. Allow the solution to remain in your skin. Do a self massage or exercise in order to move your circulation and lymph around. One of these treatments using therapeutic grade essential oils and top quality ingredients will have amazing results. Loose, sagging skin is a problem with weight loss and this treatment will tighten and tone the skin. Eating according to your most beneficial food chart, exercising, and using this treatment once or twice a week will also help the damaged tissue tighten as you lose the unwanted inches.

Deborah Devar has an incomparable knowledge and field experience within the industryin general as well as an intimate working knowledge of all products and servicestaught through the training center. She has done extensive research on essential oils and has published a book on the subject entitled "A Path To Perfect Health", which inspired the name of the training center. She has owned and operated large day spas with many practitioners giving her hands on management and leadership expertise. Her combined 27 years of business and practicalapplied experience incorporates her investigations into bio-chemistry, quantumphysics, nutrition, essential oils and stress management regimes that providethe strong foundation for the unique curriculum offered only at:A Path to Perfect Health Training Center.

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