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Why are “Path To Perfect Health® Essential Oils” superior?

Essential oils are graded. The simple way to explain this is by way of example. There are perfume grades, retail aromatherapy grades - usually listed as an organic, therapeutic grades which are used for medicinal purposes and then there is the Path to Perfect Health grade.

Each level of grading is categorized by a series of tests and different analyzations during the testing processes. No testing or quality controls are required for over the counter essential oils used in perfumes or premixed, store bought, aromatherapy products. Most therapeutic grade essential oils have only one test called the Gas Chromatograph. This test separates the chemical constituents so they are at the very least identified, which is important since these are the healing properties that trigger responses in the body systems. High quality therapeutic grade essential oils go through one more test called a Mass Spectrometer, which identifies the chemical constituents as well as their percentages. This is done with an electron beam, which ionizes the fragmented molecules. These peaks and valleys of percentages are then compared to three databases: the Whiley, the International Fragrance and the Basics. The results are then pitched against an essential oil database. The results are printed and compiled as practical data and then identified. These high quality, therapeutic essential oils are currently being used in hospitals throughout the world in countries that choose to use prescription drugs and surgery as their last resort.

A Path to Perfect Health essential oils alone go through a third and final test called Molecular Cryptology, which measures the molecular spinning of left and right atomic masses to ensure the balance is perfectly in-tune so the body will recognize the molecular structures for cellular receptor acceptance. Path to Perfect Health is the only company in the USA that performs essential oil testing at this level. One can have GC/MS pure tested oil, but have an inaccurate molecular makeup greatly reducing the effectiveness within the body.

Up to the present time no other essential oils offer the lipid technology ensuring the essential oils will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane. Not one other company has an easy-to-apply instructions printed on each formula label. No other essential oil company has discovered the healing ability of the Miracle II products. When Miracle II products are combined with A Path to Perfect Health essential oil formulas the results are amazing.

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