Healthy Connections Newsletter! by: Sarah Ulmer

The Fight!

It seems everywhere I turn is a message of
‘I beat cancer’! I see it on social networks, t-shirts and billboards and I find it inspiring. Today, I would like to offer you a few ‘known’ facts about cancer along with some suggestions to do a little preventative maintenance.

  1. Everyone has cancer cells in the body, but they do not show up on tests until they have multiplied greatly. Basically, while you might have cells in your body, they do not diagnose the condition until it is detectable. We incur these cells in our body at least 6 times in our lifetime.

  2. When the person’s immune system is strong, the cancer cells are destroyed and prevented from multiplying.

  3. When we are in stress, we go into fight or flight mode and this inhibits the immune system.

  4. When cancer is detected, it indicates that a person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. Changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the immune system as will getting regular lymphatic massage.

  5. Chemotherapy poisons cancer cells but it also destroys healthy cells. Radiation destroys cancer cells but also burns and scars healthy cells, tissue and organs. The body can become overburdened with chemo and radiation and deplete the immune system in the process, leaving the person open to infection.

  6. Cancer cells can be starved from the things they like to feed on: Sugar, Sugar Substitutes, Table Salt, Milk, Meat, Soda, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Alcohol, etc. Replace with Agave, Himalayan or Sea Salt, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Almond Milk, Beans, Sprouts, Nuts, Vegetables, Green Juices, Green Tea, Water and eat your foods raw or cooked under 104’ as enzymes are killed above that temperature.

  7. Chemicals in the environment and from body products help cancer cells grow. Starve them with natural products, like Miracle II Soap, and use the Neutralizer both externally and internally to reduce acid in the body. Remember, cancer likes acid. Use the salt deodorant from our site also. Regular deodorants can actually harm the body.

  8. Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Inhaling essential oils will bring fresh oxygen to the body as will exercise and yoga. Breathe deeply into your stomach and stop breathing into the chest!

  9. Last, but definitely not least, emotions like anger, fear and stress create acid in the body, cancer’s best friend. Having a loving and peaceful state of being will activate the immune system through the parasympathetic nervous system but the fear and stress or anger will inhibit it! Watch your thoughts. Changing your beliefs to be more tolerant and forgiving is actually essential to your physical health, not just your spirit.

Until the next time we meet, be a bit crazy, listen to your body, be supportive and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN WELL BEING!


Be Whole,
  Sarah Ulmer

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